The Truth about Love and Christianity

Once upon a time all people who had fallen in love were living happily together for the rest of their lives. It was still at the times of the Roman Empire. But then came Christianity and the mysteries of love required further exploration ...

  1. If we encounter them having fallen in love we will simultaneously cause harm to them so that they will not be able to verify that they have felt for each other. They will start to believe that they can only cause harm to each other and are going to separate.
  2. It is clear that we will blame the lover for all the harm we have caused to them because he would have been required to forsee all of it in advance. Even better if one of them is up to blame the other. It would need to be celebrated if they separate because of things we have done to them.
  3. Of course; we will offer them presents if they separate by 'free will'.
  4. If some bugger succeeds in destroying their love by condemnating them he needs to be honored very well for his achievements: We will tell that they can not have loved each other because true love would last forever.
  5. To make things easier for the buggers we need to install 'rules of love' very, very carefully. That way almost anyone will know how to condemn and destroy love. Our rules just describe true love; don`t they?
  6. Of course we wanna know whenever they should fall in love. In order to know this we need to attrait them carefully. As soon as all their love has been extincted by attraitment and condemnation we will force them to stay together because they will only be able to separate in scorn and disdain. We will call them sacrified harts at this time.
  7. Christian love needs to be based on misery and guilt and not in having fun and staying lucky with the other.
  8. We do not have the Holy Inquisition any more but we still have our 'rules of love'.
  9. In order to be good Christs we need to tell them that they always need to blame themselves; especially for things they could not feel, know or forsee. We tell that god is always watching them.
  10. The good Christ always lives in alledged sin. It needs to be made up well because that way we can repress our folk much more easily!
  11. And if we should once have killed or tortured them until they suffer from unretrievable harm we will simply say: Everything at best; they are still in love!