mirrors for elstel

URL hoster registrar (domain) DANE
https://www.elstel.org (main URL) dotplex dotplex Y
http://http.elstel.org (without https redirect) dotplex dotplex
https://www.elstel.com dotplex inwx (oldest domain, since 2008/9) ~
http://www.elstel.com dotplex inwx
https://elstel.info uberspace inwx ~
http://www.elstel.info:41480 uberspace inwx
https://elstel.uber.space uberspace uberspace N
http://elstel.uber.space:41480 uberspace uberspace

DANE: ~ means manually or semi-automatically updated – may be out of date

note: The content at uberspace may be updated later than the content at dotplex. Also it is possible that the uberspace is used to test features being currently edited