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Internet, Web & Maths

basic DANE scripts - securing Firefox & Filezilla
How to use GnuPG securely: eight guidelines for sending us encrypted messages
Programs for the TI-82 pocket calculator – Gauss, Jordan, inverse matrix, primes, etc.
AdBlock List & Alternative Browsers – surf securely
vpngate-extract(py2), SF - TV Download (download films from the swiss television SF-TV)
openSUSE Test Team IndexPage (Linux bug reporting, openSUSE links)
Linux Feature Requests & Current Bug Reports


Linux, BSD: Tools & Programme

a̅tea (https downloader secured by DANE)
Mohican Web Server (a fast web server for TCP and SCTP)
xchroot - Xorg/X11 access for chroot (also: read-only chroot & many other features)
debcheckroot - verification of root fs (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.,; standalone, openSUSE checkroot: link)
confinedrv - limit write access of certain partitions (Qemu: boot a second OS from same hard disk)
command line webstat analysis for Apache logs
Extensible Debian Live Boot CD - no need to create and burn iso-s